PRESS RELEASE 3D in education with the grant of the New Széchenyi Plan


Leonar3Do International Zrt. and Hung R&D Nonprofit Ltd. have planned the development of the educational aid that could be used in technical training, with the support of the New Széchenyi Plan “The grant for the Hungarian participation in the EUREKA program” grant.

As a result of our project two technical educational software products, were developped and tested by the partner organisations of the project. With the help of the Leonar3Do, the Unity engine, and the previously developed plug-in linking, we have developed the electronic and engineering software solutions.

It is true for both softwares, that by using 3D virtual reality tools, education becomes more experience related for students, which improves the efficiency of the education. Apart from these, it also means budget saving for schools, since less supplies are needed for the parts for electronic assembly, material for soldering or for building engines in mechanical engineering, they do not have to be bought in high quantity.

By the electronic tutorial software, students can acquire the ability to use electronic construction and soldering with the help of virtually simulated devices and parts. With the mechanical software solution, the operation of the machines, and how they are assembled, are simulated in virtual 3D environment.

As the other  goal of the project, the new GeoGebra software, which is compatible with the Leonar3Do platform, have been developed by working together with GeoGebra Austria Institut.

These developments may provide great reputation for all of the project participants through their synergistic effects.