HUNGRAND, Hung R&D for research and development and for health


HUNG R&D manages projects and research in the following areas:

  • Energy efficiency and environment protection
  • Finance,  accounting,  controlling
  • Marketing and communication  management
  • IT counselling and management system building
  • Education, training
  • Application writing, project management, dissemination
  • Healthcare
  • Book publishing


Energy efficiency issues and environment protection

  • Overall energy audit
  • Optimization of energy using
  • Opportunity of the application of alternative energy sources
  • Energy efficient solutions of implementation and reconstruction of buildings  
  • Exploration of the opportunities of energy cost reduction
  • Building energy certificate
  • Sustainable energy management and  planning, CO2 emission reduction
  • Recycling opportunities of waste material, development of waste management practice
  • Designing of efficient waste management strategy
  • Harmonizing  the viewpoint of the environment protection with the viewpoint of cost-efficiency

 Finance, accounting, controlling

  • Business screening, corporate assessment
  • Incorporation of corporate cost  rationalization proposals in the business planning
  • Usage of portfolio analysis in the decision making process
  • Redesigning business processes
  • Creation of efficiency design and monitoring system
  • Designing and forming controlling system
  • Financial counselling
  • Flat-rated counselling for small enterprises

Marketing and communication management

  • Design and development of marketing and communication strategy
  • Mapping the capability of elastic adaptation to the market changes, corporate analysis
  • Survey and development of  customer-oriented business behavior of the corporate structure
  • Image building strengths of Corporate Social Responsibility: Forming CSR-strategy
  • Market and opinion research
  • Satisfaction research, examinations
  • Creating PR and marketing material, designing its content, editing
  • Development of on-line marketing (web page, blog, Webshop, web 2.0.)
  • Market segmentation survey
  • Identification of target groups, consumer behavior research
  • Survey of the usage of advertising means, face (and image) planning
  • Face-, brand-, trademark-, product-, image- examination
  • Company reputation, corporate image examination

IT counseling and system building

  • Overall  IT network building or development
  • Hardware and software counselling
  • Creating and operating Web sites
  • Electronic administration, e-commerce, management of on-line transactions
  • Implementation of workflow and content manage system
  • Developing and auditing managerial information system
  • Database building, -planning, -consolidation
  • Data recording, data cleaning
  • Iimprove of applications
  • Development of handle of corporate data
  • IT counselling, system building
  • Development of Customer Relation Management (CRM) systemEducation for the development of  financial culture

Education, training

  • Ability development corporate trainings, autogen trainings
  • Stress handling training
  • Financial training for not for financial people (Finance for Non Finance – FNF)
  • More than 200 adult training programs

Application writing and project management

  • Application for EU and other funds
  • Dissemination


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