OWNING YOURSELF third edition available in Europe, YOU CAN ORDER HERE!


Learn how to create an income that continues long after your work is done


In this book, 30-year network veteran, Paula Pritchard reveals the philosophy, strategy, and technique that have propelled her to the top of numerous network marketing companies. Paula is a multi-million-dollar earner who has built organizations of  200 000 people over 15 countries. She spearheaded 4 of these companies into Europe. She is considered one of the most consistent  performers in the network marketing industry. Her methods have proven themselves through time and testing.

In her book you will find:

• A comprehensive guide on how to successfully build a network  marketing business that takes you from novice   to expert

• A complete understanding of network marketing; what is it, what it offers and how to make it work for you

• Insights and specifics on how to recruit, train and lead an organization
• Specifics on everything you need to success, from scripts to business building formulas that put success in   your control
• Powerful advice on dealing with rejection and overcoming your fears

OWNING YOURSELF by Paula Pritchard

Third edition of Paula Pritchard's book, Owning Yourself is available.

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